PowerKaraoke Plus

PowerKaraoke Plus 1.2

Creates, edits and managers karaoke sessions
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This is a professional karaoke creation suite. It lets users create new tracks or import and edit already existing ones in MP3, MIDI or WAV. Adding images, text editing and mixing, inserting bitmaps, creating duets and resynching are among the available options.

PowerKaraoke Plus is a professional CDG authoring software. It allows to create a song from scratch or can import any KAR (MIDI Karaoke song). Advanced options allow to fine-tune the CD+G track (insert bitmaps, create duets, mix text with images, and more). Free Power CD+G Player is also included.
With PowerKaraoke it is easy to:
Create CD+G songs from scratch
- Use any MP3 or WAV files as soundtrack
- Type lyrics in or import them from the text file of MIDI Karaoke file
- Synchronize the lyrics with the music using easy-to-use synchronization tools

Convert KAR (MIDI Karaoke) files into CD+Gs
Fine-tune your CD+G tracks
- Insert bitmaps anywhere in the song, choosing from several display effects
- Change the number of lines per screen, font face and size anywhere in the song
- Change text colors and alignment to create comments and credits
- Create duets with easy-to-use CDG events
- Control the flow of text and page breaks
Have more control over the text flow
- Use overwrite mode to keep-in-sync with fast-paced songs
- Use scrolling mode to give the singer as many words as possible
Mix pictures and text
- Define the alignment of the picture and scale it to arbitrary size
- Display the picture anywhere at the screen and define the rectangle for the lyrics
- Display pictures in the middle of the text Example
- Display and erase pictures anywhere on the screen and synchronize them with the song
Use International characters
- Define the font and codepage to use in lyrics editor
Import lyrics and synchronization from a text file -- use your own format
Play your CD+G tracks with Power CD+G Player
Remove vocals using Power Vocal Remover
Modify the synchronization using visual track editor
Save and load your work

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